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October 18, 2009

different forms of cheating are acceptable in different cultures; we are conditioned to think that “our” players do not take part in the cheating we abhor

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Idea 1

They dive.

We are thugs.

Both are forms of cheating.

We are blind to our own preferred form of cheating.  When “we” play a game against “them”, usually we will complain about their diving.  We will also ignore any of our kicking “them”, hectoring the referee or other forms of cheating that are acceptable in our culture.  They will complain about our thuggishness and ignore their team`s diving.  I just spent 10 hours riding / trying to sleep on the overnight bus from Tokyo to Osaka – I am incapable of thinking of examples.  Hey internet, go find some examples for me.

Idea 2

We get so used to saying “they dive, but we don`t”  that we start to believe that “our” players are incapable of diving, and you can`t see it when they do.  The English are so used to thinking like this that they are incapable of realising that Rooney and Gerrard have used diving to help their teams.  Are their Aussies that dive?  Cool, I made an example.


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