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September 30, 2009

a little humility never goes astray

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Got some very good advice recently about certain lazy, I mean, stylistic choices I had made with this blog.  Not using capitals.  Now, I still can`t bring myself to hit the shift button everytime I want a capital.  But I can bring myself to type my posts up in word, then cut and paste it into the blog.  Thank you Word!!!  It capitalises for you.  It also tries to turn your words into American English, but I`ll give it a pass for that.

Anyways, a bit of humility never goes astray.  It is very hard to improve things if you are too proud to accept that they aren`t perfect.

Moving to Ballymore, and fixing the prices next season is gonna take some humility from the Brisbane club.  They really have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to connect with the community.  Humble pie time.

It is gonna take some humility for the FFA to accept that they really stuffed up game times.  The times that are good for Fox and the times that are good for crowds are not the same.  And if you believe that the crowd is part of the show; that TV audiences want to see cheering chanting bouncing crowds – then you need to make crowd friendly times the priority.

I am not gonna go near how next year`s expansion was stuffed up (was it stuffed up?).

And Craig Foster could really use some humility.  Sorry, wishful thinking.


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