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September 27, 2009

the pinnacle of the game ???

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some of the handwringing that accompanied lucas neill`s attempts to get one last big euro payday got me thinking …

as an employee, there is nothing wrong with looking for the best deal you can find … we all do.  stability, more cash.  people like that stuff, and with good reason.

the handwringing came because him taking his sweet time meant that would not take part in recent friendlies, important preparation matches for next year`s tournament.  i may or may not have read that the world cup is the pinnacle of the game, and no captain of the socceroos should disrupt the team`s preparation by taking his sweet time in finding a new club.

and that kind of stuck in my head.  pinnacle of the game?  a sporting event bigger than the olympics.  one hell of a party.  but the pinnacle of the game?

maybe it isn`t.  a couple of reasons.  first – the arbitrary nature of putting the teams together does not lead to the most talented teams.  cris ronaldo will be watching the world cup on tv like us, rather than playing, because most of his national teammates aren`t good enough.  zlatan ibrahimovic will be at the world cup (i think), but rather than his barcelona teammates, he`ll be playing with much less talented teammates.  dani alves will be watching the world cup, despite being a rather excellent player.  he plays the same position and comes from the same country as maicon.  who is the one guy who is probably better than him.

and for better and for worse, international squads just can`t get to know each other as well as club teams.  the understanding levels between teammates just aren`t the same.

could the last world champion beat last year`s champs league winners?  don`t think so.

i`ll be enjoying the world cup.  hell of a party.  but i won`t be thinking that this is as good as football gets.


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  1. Well argued, and you are of course right that the WC is not actually the best quality football on offer. Well, not technically. What gives it so much entertainment value of course is the mass mobilised passion of the national fans, which probably in turn gives the players that extra incentive to ‘step up’. Thanks though – your point needed to be made.

    Now I’m going to say something that you’ll hate me for and I’ll only say it once. For my part I’d find your posts easier to read if you used orthodox capitalisation. Your artistic decision of course, which I respect, but for what it’s worth that’s my feedback.


    Comment by Hamish Alcorn — September 27, 2009 @ 11:22 pm

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