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September 24, 2009

violence at a-league matches …

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i find it hard to NOT imagine some kind of trouble happening at a-league matches.

in the same way i find it hard to NOT imagine trouble happening at the cricket, the league or the AFL.

or any other place where you collect a couple of thousand aussie males and give them access to alcohol.

when i moved back home to oz a couple of years back, my first couple of friday nights out on the town were kind of shocking.  my security radar was constantly on, you kind of have to keep aware of the people around you, its like this weird mix of testosterone, aggro and alcohol are in the air … and i had completely gotten unused to it.  completely different to my experience in japan – happy, not aggro up for a fight drunks …it was a lot more laid back going out in japan.

i had a funny old time too going to the aus v japan game in yokohama in feb.  i hadn`t seen my people for so long, so it was kinda shocking.  big boofy loud aussies.  and that was just the women!  i didn`t see any trouble though, it was just strange to see so many aussies in japan.

i was in spain last chrissy, and pre christmas was few no brits, post christmas the place was flooded with brits.  and they reminded me of home kindof.  big, boofy and with a bit of aggro, unlike the small quiet locals.

the anti-football brigade is gonna complain about something.  if it wasn`t soccer violence it would be about the crowds, or the quality of the play, or something


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