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September 22, 2009

anti-football, what is that exactly?

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a charge that comes up sometimes.

had a look on a forum post ccm v gc game and amongst other things, the charge of anti-football came up.

i first saw anti-football about the same time as i saw anti-australian … leo messi was complaining about rangers kicking and bus-parking ways in a champs league tie.

there a rich and interesting dialogue going on every time anti-football is raised.  and most of it is unsaid.

firstly, what is football?  you can`t have anti-football without first having “football”.  and anti-football is the opposite of whatever that is.

for some people, football is a game played on a rectangular field, with a set of rules regarding how to use the ball and how to take the ball off an opponent – the team that puts the ball in the opponent`s net more than the other team is the winner.  for other people, football is cryuff, zidane, messi et al gracefully moving through mere mortal opponents while arias are sung in the background.

i am very much a democrat when it comes to language.  i don`t want to tell other people what their words should mean.  but it is fair to point out that for these two groups, anti-football will have very different meanings.

for the first group – anti-football is … well, gee, anything short of picking up the ball and running with it seems pretty much ok.  for the second group, anything that stops the gods of the game from doing what they do is anti-football.

the first group doesn`t care about beauty, the second group does.  the first group will do whatever it takes to win.  the second group believes in a higher cause than merely winning.

is it okay to play as physically as the ref lets you?  are the rules prohibitions or are they taxes?  is it worth picking up 5 yellow cards accross the team in order to intimidate the opponent?  do football teams have a responsibility to “entertain”?  do football teams have a responsibility to “attack”.  your answers to these types of questions will shape your theory of “anti-football”.  i have used “s because these words mean different things to different people.

as for me, i am in the first group.  but i feel no need to call you names or harangue if you happen to be in the second group.

its a big game.  and there is no need for any of us to agree about it.


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