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September 11, 2009

this weekend i am playing …

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so much that i might not be able walk very smoothly on monday.

saturday is a 3 or 4 team outdoor tourney, then sunday is an 8 day indoor tourney.

so i think i will be putting my watching on hold this weekend.

read with fascination a post that hamish of football down under and beyond … oh god, i can`t quite think of the blogname, but its something like that.

and it got me thinking how supporting a team is only part of the footballing experience.  and not an essential one.  some people get their footballing fix watching their team, others use the magic of the interwebs to gorge on the best footy on the planet … club and international.  others play the game.  others are involved in their local clubs.

very few of the guys i play with watch the j-league.  we`ll talk about the internationals etc, but they don`t care about the j-league.  they care about playing.

one false assumption that i think the powers that be made was that the football community would jump onboard the a-league train … my experience with rugby league is that pretty much anyone in that community has a team they follow in the NRL, the players, the mothers, the organisers … everybody.  but, i don`t think that is true for the soccer community.  they weren`t waiting for a shiny new football team to support … they are quite happy PLAYING the game they love or being involved in other ways, in their own communities.

despite being a footballing heartland, it would be quite plausible for a western sydney team to be met with a collective groan of indifference and get the same small crowds that everybody else seems to be getting.

so if the a-league wants the broader soccer community (and it should, because that could mean crowds and profits easily tripling) then the a-league is the party that needs to put in the work and make it happen.  cos a lot of people are quite happy without it.

what does all that fuzzy touchy feely stuff above mean?

– better pricing,

– better scheduling of games,

– making connections with local clubs (ccm have a pretty good rep with this),

– better management of, and relationships with fans at the grounds and organised supporter groups …

did you notice i never mentioned a more attacking or better quality “product”?

and if the a-league doesn`t make all this happen – it`s no skin off the broader communitys nose, they will just continue enjoying their sport, in their way.


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  1. So true Clayton!

    Comment by Ed — September 15, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

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