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September 6, 2009

random thoughts japan v holland

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very fun game to watch –

slick surface that lead to some slips, but that made the passes ping around.  unfortunately further rain took some of the gloss off the play.

once japan settled in, they didn`t look out of place.  but japan can only play to the speed and standard needed to take on a holland for 50, 60 minutes.  then the dutch ran roughshod.

i was excited to be watching arjen robben playing, but he was pretty well contained.  his replacement after half time, elia, was not contained.  faster than robben with the same kind of control?  he scared the crap out of the jap RB, who was pretty anonymous.

okazaki was pretty lonely up there at the tip.  usually isolated.  shunsuke nakamura did his, grizzled veteran leader who is tough to take the ball off, move the ball smartly, hit a nice free kick thing.  honda disappointed when he came on – the eredivisie club captain didn`t ADD anything to what his team was doing for mine. continued nice work by the LB.

tulio made some nice passes, and gave the ball away a bit.  tamada played better than usual i thought.

morimoto didnt play.  what?  serie a isn`t good enough for you okada.  gonna have to find some video of catania to see how good this kid is, cos he ain`t breaking into the jap NT.

some nice work by van persie and the flood gates opened.


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