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September 4, 2009

the pros and cons of a separated league and national football association

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in australia`s new soccer dawn – the a-league is run by the FFA, our national FA.  this is unusual.  the English FA and the prem league are separate entities.  most leagues around the world are independant of their FAs.  this is one of the boxes to be checked if we want more asian champs league spaces.  but ffa is in no hurry to give up control of the a-league.

so what are the pro`s and cons of separating the two?

you could sum it up really by just saying japan and korea.

japan – you have an organisation whose only concern is promoting itself.  the growth of the game, the grassroots, the international game, women`s football, indoor forms of the game – these are handled by the jfa (eh, i am guessing here), and the j-league is able to concentrate on promoting and growing the j-league.  also, when the head of the jfa seems to be a complete and utter fool – eg.  yes, lets switch our calendar so that we are in line with the euro leagues … no, i don`t care that northern japan in wintertime is completely and utterly unsuitable for soccer.  its nice that the j-league can tell him to go jump in a lake.

korea – a pro-league and an FA so at odds that the original korean national team sheet for the game against oz only included overseas based players and NO GOALKEEPERS.  the k-league will not release players for this friendly, and the fa seems unable or unwilling to compel them …


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