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September 3, 2009

what if the future is football specific stadiums?

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some picture a future where soccer rises to take the pre-eminent spot in australian sports and nrl, rugby and afl step aside …

but watching some of the chopped up clod paddocks that a-league teams have had to play on, and watching brisbane struggle to fill the cavernous lang park … could it be that the future is football specific?

small, fan friendly football only stadiums where the surface is professional quality and 15,000 fans doesn`t feel empty.

hindmarsh.  or that new stadium that the vic is getting.  could lang park be a millstone around the brisbane club`s neck that they will never really get near filling?  could brisbane (and sydney, and the gold coast, and newcastle etc) future be a smaller, but atmospheric one?

what i have heard over here in japan is that most j-league clubs play their footy at smaller stadiums.  the big multipurpose behemoth grounds are used for the national team games.

ps.  so a-league clubs find it difficult to get decent deals off the big stadiums, and will always be less important to these stadiums first tenants – rugby league clubs.  another reason to get your own stadium?


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