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September 30, 2009

the useful overseas update – who is playing?

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I like to see the Aussies Overseas post on 442 Oz, but it gets a bit depressing, DNP DNP DNP – lots of guys who get paid to watch games from the players` bench.

So who is playing?  I wanna know about the guys who are going somewhere with their playing careers.  Lets set some criteria – starting games or playing at least 70 minutes.  Who cares if someone comes on in the last 5 minutes?

Here are the Aussies who are actually playing –

Tim Cahill, Vince Grella, the Schwarz, Adam Federici, Shane Lowry, Rhys Williams, Patrick Kisnorbo, Carl Valeri, Adrian Madaschi, Max Valeri, Dario Vidosic, Danny Invincible, Trent McClenehan, Scott McDonald, James Wesolowski, Brett Holman, Harry Kewell, Mile Jedinak, Scott Chipperfield, Nathan Coe, Luke Wilkshire, Joshua Rose, Tomislav Arcaba, Daniel Georgievski, Josip Skoko, Ante Covic, Joel Griffiths, Ryan Griffiths, Brendan Santalab, Eddy Bosnar, Jesus, Sasa Ognanovski.

I got tired of typing – so I skipped some guys from lower leagues.  Even though Chris Coyne proved that lower league guys can do a job in the NT.  Hell, even some of the guys included are “who`s that?  Never heard of them” kinda guys.  So that`s 30 something Aussies PLAYING overseas at the moment.  You`d wanna see a larger group of playing players before the 2014 world cup … Carney gets game time in the National team because he is one of the few left footed Aussies overseas, despite his lack of game time.  Granted, he has usually done a decent job, but the lack of competition at certain positions is not healthy.

Emmo, Mark Milligan and Lucas Neill will probably rejoin the playing list soonish.  Bresc and Michael Petrovic might get back to playing soonish.

“name” players who are not playing – Nick Carle, Matt Spiranovic, Jade North, Bruce Djite, Nathan Burns, James Troisi, Neill Kilkenny …


a little humility never goes astray

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Got some very good advice recently about certain lazy, I mean, stylistic choices I had made with this blog.  Not using capitals.  Now, I still can`t bring myself to hit the shift button everytime I want a capital.  But I can bring myself to type my posts up in word, then cut and paste it into the blog.  Thank you Word!!!  It capitalises for you.  It also tries to turn your words into American English, but I`ll give it a pass for that.

Anyways, a bit of humility never goes astray.  It is very hard to improve things if you are too proud to accept that they aren`t perfect.

Moving to Ballymore, and fixing the prices next season is gonna take some humility from the Brisbane club.  They really have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to connect with the community.  Humble pie time.

It is gonna take some humility for the FFA to accept that they really stuffed up game times.  The times that are good for Fox and the times that are good for crowds are not the same.  And if you believe that the crowd is part of the show; that TV audiences want to see cheering chanting bouncing crowds – then you need to make crowd friendly times the priority.

I am not gonna go near how next year`s expansion was stuffed up (was it stuffed up?).

And Craig Foster could really use some humility.  Sorry, wishful thinking.

September 27, 2009

the pinnacle of the game ???

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some of the handwringing that accompanied lucas neill`s attempts to get one last big euro payday got me thinking …

as an employee, there is nothing wrong with looking for the best deal you can find … we all do.  stability, more cash.  people like that stuff, and with good reason.

the handwringing came because him taking his sweet time meant that would not take part in recent friendlies, important preparation matches for next year`s tournament.  i may or may not have read that the world cup is the pinnacle of the game, and no captain of the socceroos should disrupt the team`s preparation by taking his sweet time in finding a new club.

and that kind of stuck in my head.  pinnacle of the game?  a sporting event bigger than the olympics.  one hell of a party.  but the pinnacle of the game?

maybe it isn`t.  a couple of reasons.  first – the arbitrary nature of putting the teams together does not lead to the most talented teams.  cris ronaldo will be watching the world cup on tv like us, rather than playing, because most of his national teammates aren`t good enough.  zlatan ibrahimovic will be at the world cup (i think), but rather than his barcelona teammates, he`ll be playing with much less talented teammates.  dani alves will be watching the world cup, despite being a rather excellent player.  he plays the same position and comes from the same country as maicon.  who is the one guy who is probably better than him.

and for better and for worse, international squads just can`t get to know each other as well as club teams.  the understanding levels between teammates just aren`t the same.

could the last world champion beat last year`s champs league winners?  don`t think so.

i`ll be enjoying the world cup.  hell of a party.  but i won`t be thinking that this is as good as football gets.

September 24, 2009

violence at a-league matches …

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i find it hard to NOT imagine some kind of trouble happening at a-league matches.

in the same way i find it hard to NOT imagine trouble happening at the cricket, the league or the AFL.

or any other place where you collect a couple of thousand aussie males and give them access to alcohol.

when i moved back home to oz a couple of years back, my first couple of friday nights out on the town were kind of shocking.  my security radar was constantly on, you kind of have to keep aware of the people around you, its like this weird mix of testosterone, aggro and alcohol are in the air … and i had completely gotten unused to it.  completely different to my experience in japan – happy, not aggro up for a fight drunks …it was a lot more laid back going out in japan.

i had a funny old time too going to the aus v japan game in yokohama in feb.  i hadn`t seen my people for so long, so it was kinda shocking.  big boofy loud aussies.  and that was just the women!  i didn`t see any trouble though, it was just strange to see so many aussies in japan.

i was in spain last chrissy, and pre christmas was few no brits, post christmas the place was flooded with brits.  and they reminded me of home kindof.  big, boofy and with a bit of aggro, unlike the small quiet locals.

the anti-football brigade is gonna complain about something.  if it wasn`t soccer violence it would be about the crowds, or the quality of the play, or something

September 22, 2009

anti-football, what is that exactly?

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a charge that comes up sometimes.

had a look on a forum post ccm v gc game and amongst other things, the charge of anti-football came up.

i first saw anti-football about the same time as i saw anti-australian … leo messi was complaining about rangers kicking and bus-parking ways in a champs league tie.

there a rich and interesting dialogue going on every time anti-football is raised.  and most of it is unsaid.

firstly, what is football?  you can`t have anti-football without first having “football”.  and anti-football is the opposite of whatever that is.

for some people, football is a game played on a rectangular field, with a set of rules regarding how to use the ball and how to take the ball off an opponent – the team that puts the ball in the opponent`s net more than the other team is the winner.  for other people, football is cryuff, zidane, messi et al gracefully moving through mere mortal opponents while arias are sung in the background.

i am very much a democrat when it comes to language.  i don`t want to tell other people what their words should mean.  but it is fair to point out that for these two groups, anti-football will have very different meanings.

for the first group – anti-football is … well, gee, anything short of picking up the ball and running with it seems pretty much ok.  for the second group, anything that stops the gods of the game from doing what they do is anti-football.

the first group doesn`t care about beauty, the second group does.  the first group will do whatever it takes to win.  the second group believes in a higher cause than merely winning.

is it okay to play as physically as the ref lets you?  are the rules prohibitions or are they taxes?  is it worth picking up 5 yellow cards accross the team in order to intimidate the opponent?  do football teams have a responsibility to “entertain”?  do football teams have a responsibility to “attack”.  your answers to these types of questions will shape your theory of “anti-football”.  i have used “s because these words mean different things to different people.

as for me, i am in the first group.  but i feel no need to call you names or harangue if you happen to be in the second group.

its a big game.  and there is no need for any of us to agree about it.

September 20, 2009

The sport’s biggest supporter base will prove why the west is best

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mike cockerill, you so funny …

didn`t read the rest, but the headline made me giggle enough.

a vibrant footballing community is not a supporter base waiting for an a-league team to sit in front of.  its a bunch of people who love soccer.

September 11, 2009

congrats to r. kruse for earning a 2 yr full time contract.

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pity it didn`t happen at the roar, but y`know, never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

hope you got your sh!t together and are able to put your talent to use.  if not, there`s plenty of others waiting to pass you by.

this weekend i am playing …

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so much that i might not be able walk very smoothly on monday.

saturday is a 3 or 4 team outdoor tourney, then sunday is an 8 day indoor tourney.

so i think i will be putting my watching on hold this weekend.

read with fascination a post that hamish of football down under and beyond … oh god, i can`t quite think of the blogname, but its something like that.

and it got me thinking how supporting a team is only part of the footballing experience.  and not an essential one.  some people get their footballing fix watching their team, others use the magic of the interwebs to gorge on the best footy on the planet … club and international.  others play the game.  others are involved in their local clubs.

very few of the guys i play with watch the j-league.  we`ll talk about the internationals etc, but they don`t care about the j-league.  they care about playing.

one false assumption that i think the powers that be made was that the football community would jump onboard the a-league train … my experience with rugby league is that pretty much anyone in that community has a team they follow in the NRL, the players, the mothers, the organisers … everybody.  but, i don`t think that is true for the soccer community.  they weren`t waiting for a shiny new football team to support … they are quite happy PLAYING the game they love or being involved in other ways, in their own communities.

despite being a footballing heartland, it would be quite plausible for a western sydney team to be met with a collective groan of indifference and get the same small crowds that everybody else seems to be getting.

so if the a-league wants the broader soccer community (and it should, because that could mean crowds and profits easily tripling) then the a-league is the party that needs to put in the work and make it happen.  cos a lot of people are quite happy without it.

what does all that fuzzy touchy feely stuff above mean?

– better pricing,

– better scheduling of games,

– making connections with local clubs (ccm have a pretty good rep with this),

– better management of, and relationships with fans at the grounds and organised supporter groups …

did you notice i never mentioned a more attacking or better quality “product”?

and if the a-league doesn`t make all this happen – it`s no skin off the broader communitys nose, they will just continue enjoying their sport, in their way.

September 6, 2009

watching sydney v goldie

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had a lot of fun watching this one.  faster than usual (for the a-league) passing game where the passes usually met their targets.  sydney played gc tough and looked mentally stronger, fitter and more disciplined than last year`s group.

how good is shane smeltz?  he has a sharpness and composure in front of goal that a lot of a-league players don`t.  probably the difference between the two sides.

z. carravella?  this guy was pouring coffees last year?  memo to a-league coaches, you need to start scouting the coffee shops of australia.  small, mobile, good ball control and short passing.  reminds me of another little guy who would be playing for brisbane if he didn`t have a broken leg.  get well mass.

i like mark bridge.  some of my fave a-league goals are his handiwork.  but he has never had the personality to impose himself on a game and take responsibility for his team for 90 minutes.  if it is a choice between starting bridge or danning – you`d choose danning every time.

where to now for s. musialak?  mcflynn won the battle for the starting spot in central, and rhyan grant looks a very capable understudy.  so disco stu is officially third string.  off to one of the new teams next year or stay at sfc, on the bench?  or does he cross his fingers and hope that grant gets injured too?

random thoughts japan v holland

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very fun game to watch –

slick surface that lead to some slips, but that made the passes ping around.  unfortunately further rain took some of the gloss off the play.

once japan settled in, they didn`t look out of place.  but japan can only play to the speed and standard needed to take on a holland for 50, 60 minutes.  then the dutch ran roughshod.

i was excited to be watching arjen robben playing, but he was pretty well contained.  his replacement after half time, elia, was not contained.  faster than robben with the same kind of control?  he scared the crap out of the jap RB, who was pretty anonymous.

okazaki was pretty lonely up there at the tip.  usually isolated.  shunsuke nakamura did his, grizzled veteran leader who is tough to take the ball off, move the ball smartly, hit a nice free kick thing.  honda disappointed when he came on – the eredivisie club captain didn`t ADD anything to what his team was doing for mine. continued nice work by the LB.

tulio made some nice passes, and gave the ball away a bit.  tamada played better than usual i thought.

morimoto didnt play.  what?  serie a isn`t good enough for you okada.  gonna have to find some video of catania to see how good this kid is, cos he ain`t breaking into the jap NT.

some nice work by van persie and the flood gates opened.

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