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August 30, 2009

for the love of god do not assume that a car will stop for you at a zebra crossing in japan …

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yeah yeah, japan.  runs like a swiss watch.  the anti-individual collective loving home of the most anally retentive people on earth.

guilty as charged.

but don`t expect anyone to follow the rules about zebra crossings.

see, there are rules about the rules.  yes, there is a law saying that walkers take priority at zebra crossings, but i think that most people think that drivers have priority over walkers, so the zebra crossing rule is not followed.  sometimes i have had the shits with it, and brazenly walked across a zebra crossing, giving the driver an angry “don`t even think about running me over” stare while they give me a “how dare you!  i should run you over for your insolence!” stare.

even did my really angry stare and held my arm out when this one car kept on coming.

you can pretty much expect any other rule to be followed, religiously.  just not this rule.  because it breaks unspoken community hierarchy chains.


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  1. This is so incredibly true and it manages to piss me off almost daily!
    In front of my station there are two zebra’s as well as a taxi stop and every single day the taxi drivers will see me coming up to the zebra, but will drive on anyway and, as a result, I will keep walking and staring angrily too…I get most pissed off on rainy days when I don’t have an umbrella and are made to wait until little mister-cozy-and-warm-in-my-taxi has passed while I get soaked…

    Comment by Liz — November 19, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

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