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August 30, 2009

fatal frame 4 is really really good

Filed under: Videogames — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 1:51 am

what it does well … it does very very well.  and in its own way.  the frights are not the same as those in the resi series or the silent hill series.

what it does badly … like plot.  well, i can forgive it for that after seeing all that it does well.

got a buddy coming over to play guitar.  i, a very bad guitarist, am helping out a complete beginner.

then we play some fatal frame.  and he jumps.  the frights get your heart pounding.  and i jump.  and i have played the game.  even when you know that something is coming, you jump.

why is fatal frame not being published in the west?  why is nintendo not letting another publisher take this to the west?  sorry for fans of the series … but us over here in japan don`t have it all good here either – madworld wasn`t released here.


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