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August 16, 2009

who am i to argue with the result?

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been thinking about the idea that “team X deserved to win”.   and the corrolary is “team y got away with a mugging there”  or sometimes the phrase “smash and grab job” …

saw some soundbytes on 442 from frank saying that he thought brisbane deserved the win yesterday …

well, no, i disagree.  you couldn`t get 1 more goal than your opponent.  hence you didn`t deserve the win.  1 goal or more than your opponent constitutes a win.  and brisbane didn`t do that.

watched a bit of ccm vs nj … and had to laugh.  it was all ccm, and then a nj goal.

of all the elements that make up football, imho sharpness in front of goal is the most important.  if you can`t put it in the net, you can`t win.

cheering for a team because it has more possession, or takes more shots at goal – i think it ignores that teams deficiencies – namely bluntness or lack of composure in front of goal.

australia`s last game away against bahrain – we deserved that win.  we put the ball in the net and they didn`t.  until they start awarding wins for the possession percentage or for the number of shots on goal, i will continue to argue that australia deserved that win.  bahrain`s lack of composure in front of goal should not be forgiven so quickly.

so i will stay on my soapbox and continue with my belief that the team that won is the team that deserved to win.


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