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August 10, 2009

the responsibility to grow the game …

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does it exist?  and if it does, how important is it?

many have criticised central coast for how they beat melbourne vic in the opener.  you could almost forget that they scored, and that they stopped melbourne vic from doing so.  they won.  hence they were the better team.  they parked the bus for 60 minutes.  many talked about how they can`t do that at home.  why not?

gold coast played on the counter.  and they put the ball in the net 3 times.  now for me, that is attacking football.  so what if brisbane pushed forward and took more shots.  they had the sharpness of a spoon.

what works works.  the result never lies.  doesnt tell the whole story, but it never lies.

i think clubs greatest responsibility is to get the best results they can – being “attractive” and growing the game is a secondary concern, if it exists at all.

it is pretty fair to guess that vic would have picked off central coast if they hadn`t parked the bus.  what, they should put themselves in a losing position?  countering is not a dirty word.

whilst i am not against growing the game, sometimes it all gets too much … like a parent trying to show how cool they are.  do we really need to win over other sports fans?  if you like soccer, great.  if you don`t, well, thats great too.  doing too much betrays a lack of confidence that we really belong.  abhoring particular styles of play (when world soccer embraces a variety of styles and tactics , what works works) even when proven to be effective on the night because the unconverted might find them “ugly” is a step too far.

i am a soccer fan, and i am happy with the a-league.


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