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August 1, 2009

can we get it right? and can fifa stay out of the way?

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so, the ffa is gonna take a proper crack at diving … but i have no confidence that they can pull it off …

a – if the problem was so easy to deal with, someone would have dealt with it by now,

b – its the ffa, while they are an improvement on their predecessors, they are still capable of major stuff ups; the star chamber didn`t run that smoothly last year (mr`s tiatto and muscat can maim people and get away with it, but some kid gets a penalty for handball?) … how long till someone gets bollocksed but someone else who does almost the same thing gets away with it?

c – the scots thought about doing this last year and fifa told them no.

d – how much effect can these efforts have on our sporting culture … we are a success at all costs culture, the inventors of the underarm bowl, the masters of mental disintegration / sledging …

e – how effective in a practical sense can this be?  could we find that players who want to simulate can still do so, as long as they can get some contact with the defender?  good luck determining whether defender x used sufficient or insufficient force to justify attacker y going down like they got shot … the star chamber won`t go near that.  cristianos effort last year, when the cameras showed that rod vargas didn`t get near him is the exception, not the standard.  most divers are able to get some contact from the defender, and hence won`t be prosecuted.

f- does focusing on this problem take the focus off other issues, like stamping out general thuggery?  i would say that the a-league has bigger issues than diving imho.


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