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August 30, 2009

fatal frame 4 is really really good

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what it does well … it does very very well.  and in its own way.  the frights are not the same as those in the resi series or the silent hill series.

what it does badly … like plot.  well, i can forgive it for that after seeing all that it does well.

got a buddy coming over to play guitar.  i, a very bad guitarist, am helping out a complete beginner.

then we play some fatal frame.  and he jumps.  the frights get your heart pounding.  and i jump.  and i have played the game.  even when you know that something is coming, you jump.

why is fatal frame not being published in the west?  why is nintendo not letting another publisher take this to the west?  sorry for fans of the series … but us over here in japan don`t have it all good here either – madworld wasn`t released here.


for the love of god do not assume that a car will stop for you at a zebra crossing in japan …

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yeah yeah, japan.  runs like a swiss watch.  the anti-individual collective loving home of the most anally retentive people on earth.

guilty as charged.

but don`t expect anyone to follow the rules about zebra crossings.

see, there are rules about the rules.  yes, there is a law saying that walkers take priority at zebra crossings, but i think that most people think that drivers have priority over walkers, so the zebra crossing rule is not followed.  sometimes i have had the shits with it, and brazenly walked across a zebra crossing, giving the driver an angry “don`t even think about running me over” stare while they give me a “how dare you!  i should run you over for your insolence!” stare.

even did my really angry stare and held my arm out when this one car kept on coming.

you can pretty much expect any other rule to be followed, religiously.  just not this rule.  because it breaks unspoken community hierarchy chains. is very very handy

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a football highlight clearing house sight that brings together youtube, daily motion etc etc videos together …

and hides the scores.

let me repeat that


missed the game?  tired of going onto youtube and watching highlights where the score is in the title?

i was.

it lists the a-league and the j^league, so i am a happy duck.

August 26, 2009

miron is a better coach than i thought …

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having all that talents makes life a lot easier … better players are much more capable of making a coach look good.

i originally thought miron might be the weak link in GCU … but

the guy knows how to recruit – none of his imports is too old or slow, and they can get through 90 minutes (cough – miller, malcolm) … and most fill a need, rather than taking time off decent aussie players (hmmm, malcolm or devere?  miller or nichols?  henrique or kruse?) … traore is an absolute gem.  GCU picks up van der something at the last minute while brisbane picks up … malcolm.

and he can get other team`s scraps to look pretty good.

caravella?  rees?  fitzsimmons?

hail miron.

August 24, 2009

taiji is about 30 km down the road …

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that is the town featured in the new doco “the cove”.  the town that broome just cut its sister town ties with. probably some of the kids i teach are from families that hunt dolphins.

saw some shorts for the “cove” and i am not really sure if i want to watch it.  got the feeling that i would be bashed around the head a bit with the sight of screaming bloodied dolphins as they are hacked to pieces. without seeing a bunch of cows, chickens or pigs being killed, i would perhaps feel the movie was lacking a sense of comparison.  i would wonder if i was being emotionally manipulated.

dolphins are beautiful.  so are cows.  beauty has never been a reason to not eat something.

not sure i am for or against dolphin eating.  not sure it matters.  it would take a lot to get dolphin killers in japan to give up the practice.  more than just a couple of protests and a doco.

August 23, 2009

i totally got this wrong …

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i really thought that jason culina might find the going tough being thrown forward and being asked to do more than pass backwards and square … while mile sterjovski would thrive – having always played in the sexy half of the pitch and joining a good passing team.

hahahaha – did i ever get that wrong.  mile could be waiting a while for his first goal.

while someone is gonna have to raise their game to beat culina and the gold coast globetrotters.

slagging off tiatto – and frank farina`s silent consent to his behaviour …

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in no way excuses any young brisbane players who may have warranted a sending off for their behaviour on the pitch.

so brisbane have discipline problems …

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no surprise when tiatto is allowed on the pitch.

August 16, 2009

enjoying the arm wrestle …

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figured i`d watch sfc vs au this weekend.  see au do their asphyxiation thing.  and they were pretty on target too.  until that man bridge came on.  pretty pretty goal.  the type of goal that can unlock an organised defence.  not too many a-league players could lob with the outside of their foot like that.  and he had the composure to put it in after getting the headed return from brosque.  i dunno, is aloisi just getting in the way of what could be a very skilful, mobile front pairing?

very interesting to watch the danning – jamison tussle.  danning took the points from a player who is probably the best left back in the a^league …

adelaide can defend, but can they score?

who am i to argue with the result?

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been thinking about the idea that “team X deserved to win”.   and the corrolary is “team y got away with a mugging there”  or sometimes the phrase “smash and grab job” …

saw some soundbytes on 442 from frank saying that he thought brisbane deserved the win yesterday …

well, no, i disagree.  you couldn`t get 1 more goal than your opponent.  hence you didn`t deserve the win.  1 goal or more than your opponent constitutes a win.  and brisbane didn`t do that.

watched a bit of ccm vs nj … and had to laugh.  it was all ccm, and then a nj goal.

of all the elements that make up football, imho sharpness in front of goal is the most important.  if you can`t put it in the net, you can`t win.

cheering for a team because it has more possession, or takes more shots at goal – i think it ignores that teams deficiencies – namely bluntness or lack of composure in front of goal.

australia`s last game away against bahrain – we deserved that win.  we put the ball in the net and they didn`t.  until they start awarding wins for the possession percentage or for the number of shots on goal, i will continue to argue that australia deserved that win.  bahrain`s lack of composure in front of goal should not be forgiven so quickly.

so i will stay on my soapbox and continue with my belief that the team that won is the team that deserved to win.

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