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July 24, 2009

the luck of the draw …

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looking back at the WC qualification campaign just finished – i have a weird mix of feelings.

pride at how well australia dealt with the opponents put in front of them.

regret that the quality and effectiveness of our play never quite matched the results we drummed up.

and a touch of feeling lucky to have dodged a bullet.

i`m gonna get all “sliding doors” for a minute, and wonder, what if?

what if we had been put in a group with south korea, north korea and saudi arabia … there is a chance we could have still been first in the group, but, we could just as easily have been fighting it out for the 3rd spot.

from what i have seen i would say korea is as good as japan, or close enough.  but as for the others, you`d have to say north korea and saudi arabia are tougher propositions than an underachieving uzbekistan and our bunnies qatar.

north korea looks to be a mentally strong physical team full of running and tackling.  the saudis – blow hot and cold, but the talent is there.

this hypothetical group could have been the challenge we needed to really get our shit together – or it could have been the group that knocked us out of the world cup.  one of asia`s great footballing countries (look at the talent produced, the countries love of soccer, the level of support that its clubs have – iran is impressive) got knocked out … could it have been us instead of them?

if north korea can stay at their current level, and iran, iraq, china and uzbekistan get their shit together, the next WC qualification will be no cake walk.  but then, world cup participation was always meant to be earned, wasn`t it?


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