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July 16, 2009

mad mad transfer fees – another view

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some see the fees that are currently being paid for top talent as the end of football.  a group of 1 with madrid at the top, and a scrabble of giant selling clubs in a second tier of man u, barca, liverpool, inter … and everyone else fighting for scraps below.

but here is another way to look at high transfer fees.  teams that develop players are now getting their just reward.

smaller clubs sold their best players to the closest located larger club.  and they sold their talent at prices that suited the “giants” much more than it suited the little battlers.

with modern scouting and international televising, clubs that develop players are now selling them on in a mature, aware market.

no more milan taking the best talent in italy on the cheap, they now have to compete with their peers for these players (cough, fed machida, cough).

so rafa benitez has a hissy fit cos he couldn`t buy greedy gareth barry at the price he wanted to.  not like the good old days before man city had the biggest purse strings.  boo hoo.  how about your club start developing some of its own talent?

if transfer fees can keep going up, then just maybe more clubs will be tempted to develop in-house.

as well as playing lovely football, last year`s barca was praised for fielding so many players from their own junior ranks … xavi, iniesta, puyol, pique, even messi who came over as a 13 yr old …


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