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July 12, 2009

one of the things i love about football – expression of personality and or philosophy

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“expression of personality and or philosophy” – the ability to take a simple task and do it in your way.  and by doing it in your own way, showing your view of the world.

disclaimer – i can`t particularly say that soccer allows more expression than other sports.  what i can say though, is that one of the things that i love about soccer is the opportunity that it gives for expression.

the rules of the game and the actions used in the game are relatively straightforward.  everyone tries to put the ball in the net more than the other team (yes, even park the bus type teams – they are giving themselves the best possible chance available to beat a stronger opponent).  there are legally acceptable and unacceptable ways of taking the ball off an opponent.  the offside rule.

but how teams work within these basic rule sets is full of different interpretations …

do you think the other team is better than you?  is glory more than results, or are the results all that matter?  are you an athlete or a thinker?  cultural aspects change how the game is played, and can be seen through the play itself.

stoke and barcelona are playing the same game, but each in their own particular way.

the joys of former world cups where an argentina can bring their particular style up against england.

around the world people are playing the same game, but in so many different ways.

even us lil old aussies …

the roar`s front 3, melbourne`s narrow formation with a no 10, adelaide`s counter, ccm`s direct physicality, newc`s building it out from the back … it warms my little heart to see so many different ways of doing the same thing in my home country.


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