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July 7, 2009

australia at the WC – lets all roll over and let the talented teams get ballet-ic on our arses, shall we?

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tim vickery`s latest column left me a bit disquieted …

the gist was that mediocre teams will harry and work hard to negate their more talented superiors in the cool south african winter.  and that this was a bad thing.  couldn`t quite put my finger on WHAT i didn`t like about this article when … hey!  HEY!!!

physical, harrying, workrate ..


we will be one of those mediocre but organised hard working teams.

and that is fine and dandy with me.  lets go out there and negate the crap out of messi, kaka, ronaldo (oh yeah, portugal probably won`t be there)… and get as far as we can.  take them out of the game.  give ourselves the best possible chance to get as far as we can.

the idea that everyone should play the same way is ridiculous.  yes, we should get into a passing competition with spain, and leave them the time and space that they would like.  just like man u did when they played barca in the final (okay, that one is a rich tapestry, i might do a post on it later – but the point stands).

the heavyweights want to line up along cavalry lines and charge at each other, cos thats how your`e supposed to do things.  our rag tag bunch of non-superstars need to get into some footballing guerrilla warfare in order to get as far as they can.

yup, lets all go play nice open football so that the most talented teams can win.  cos they deserve to, don`t they?  wouldn`t want to get in the way now, would we?

football is not just about talent … the most talented don`t always win.  why should they?  talent on the ball is only one aspect of the game.  organisation and physicality are others.


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