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July 6, 2009

the weather and football styles …

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i had thought before about body shape and football style …

xavi plays like xavi cos he is a munchkin

drogba plays like drogba cos he is an athletic giant with a terrible first touch

cristiano ronaldo … no explaining some things, dude is just special.

but what about the weather?  could there be any relationship between the miserable cold european winter which turns grounds to bog, while the milder warmer southern european winter keeps grounds in better condition and the styles of football played in these respective regions?   it becomes quite reasonable to send the ball route one through the air and run around a lot when the ground is a winter mud wrestling paradise and the striker is a big strong caveman.  and quite reasonable to keep it on the carpet and conserve your energy when it is hot and the striker is lionel messi.

yeah, yeah, someone has said all this before.  but for a newcomer this can all be a bit surprising.  the sbs gang will expound on the need for technique and the joys of the beautiful game and the primitiveness of the english game without ever explaining how these things came to be (through a combination of physical characteristics, field/weather conditions and cultural characteristics).


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