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July 4, 2009

one of the things i love about football – reality is up for grabs

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i love being contrary.  i love disagreeing (in a friendly way).  hell, if no-one is around, i`ll just start disagreeing with myself for fun.  i try not to speak aloud as i do this.  wouldn`t want the neighbours to think i was CRAZY or something …

and football … there is so much to disagree about!  so few things are set in stone.  i love it.

the following things aren`t really up for discussion:

– the score

– goal was awarded (or not)

– card was given, foul was called (or not)

– sepp blatter and jack warner and their cronies are scum

BUT so many other things are up for debate.

was it really a goal?  or offside, or a yellow card.

if it was a goal, was it “lucky” or “skilfull”?

who plays the best football?  what is the best football?

i love the example of maradonna and the hand of god.  the british view.  little bastard cheated.  the south american view.  the little bastard did whatever it took to get the win.  and any attempts by the british to take the moral high ground are flawed, after the assault and battery that they put on the little genius (didn`t matter whether he had the ball or not, he was bashed repeatedly).

is diving going to destroy soccer?

are rich clubs destroying soccer?

where is the line between physical and thuggish?

is “direct” a dirty word?

so many questions, so many arguments waiting to be had.  you could sit in a bar for the rest of your natural life arguing about football and you would still be arguing when you died … years later.  hmmmm (rant finishes as clayton imagines a new picture of heaven … )


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