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July 2, 2009

being a donkey does not mean that you love your club …

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one of the interesting side stories from last euro season was the contrasting tales of dimi berbatov and carlos tevez.

dimi is a brilliant slow lazy bastard.  carlos runs around a lot.  sometimes , those runs are productive.  usually not.

guess which one was a fan fave.  carlos.

why is that?  production wise, they were pretty close, and if anything, dimi was more likely to create the special moment, whereas carlos was more likely to be the one tapping in.

one of the great fallacies of modern football is that running around shows you care.  it doesn`t.  it shows that you are a run around a lot guy, who knows that they got to where they are by running around a lot, and you like running around a lot.  running around a lot is how you got to where you are, and doing more of the same will keep you there.  it has nothing to do with loving your current employer.  i mean, club.

when others say “at least he`s doing something”, i see deck chairs on the titanic  being shuffled around.  if it isn`t productive, why do it?  for the sake of doing something? empty noise.

dimi`s crime, if he in fact had one, was to not have more 2 minute bouts of genius, not that he didn`t sweat more.

those that praise wayne rooney for working hard miss the point.  he is wasting his talent by being a peripheral donkey rather than being a true matchwinner.


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