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July 1, 2009

dutchy leaves the jets

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strange and stranger …

technically, legally, nobody has done anything wrong.  probably.

BUT morally, relationship wise – this is a huge WTF.

the FFA has offered a job to a candidate who was employed by one of the a-league clubs 2 months out from the start of the season?  its not exactly helping one of their clubs, is it?  and con`s being a bastard doesn`t make it okay either.

its a bit like dating your mate`s ex.  and it turns out she sounded you out before breaking up with your mate.  nobody has cheated on anybody, but … classy tis not.

and what does this say about GVE.  his halo had slipped off a lot last year.  and rather than redeeming himself with a good season with the big boys – he`s taking the safe option.  working with 17 year olds rather than trying to win the nation`s top club trophy?  and the safe option is never “cool”.  graham arnold took the safe option – staying on contract as an assistant after his turn as socceroos coach didn`t work out.  the coach that takes the “safe” career option … well, as well as losing cool points, they are setting themselves up to be passed by someone willing to take risks.


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