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June 20, 2009

fifa is bad bad people …

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the people that run fifa is bad people.  we are gonna start seeing articles about our world cup bid.  there are gonna be sound bytes from FIFA VIPs.  they are bad people.  no getting round it.  no disputing it.

i saw an article in the smh a whiles a go with quotes from “fifa heavyweight jack warner”.  jack warner?  of yeah, ” world cup finals ticket scalping, lied to his nation`s player association about profits from participation in 2006 world cup, asked for trinidad and tobago`s payment for a friendly against scotland to be paid as a cheque in his name, trying to install a convicted coup attempt leader as head of the dominican republic FA FIFA heavy weight jack warner”.

bad bad man.

gee, i am a bit tired after all that in depth research and analysis… you`ll just have to go to wikipedia and look up the entry on sepp blatter, and go to the section on corruption allegations your damn self.  don`t even have the strength to tap the keys right now i am afraid …

how dodgy is fifa?  they`d even try to scam the world`s biggest credit card companies.

the sad fact is that fifa makes the people running professional wrestling look like mother teresa.

so, while we hear all about our bid, and the heavyweights running the game, remember.  we all look away, the press won`t tell you about how dodgy these people are, cos, well, they are rich and powerful, and why be negative charley?

but i am here to tell you,



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