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June 18, 2009

scotland is not a country

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above is something i said over some drinks to a scottish friend.  whilst i am a contrary bastard, and well, like being contrary, this was more than just pushing a mate`s buttons (even though that is fun in and of itself).  where is the seat at the UN, or the olympics?  where is the scottish passport?  or army?   if you don`t have all of those cool things, then i figured you are not a country.

but then i checked out the dictionary to see what the hell a country is.  and the definitions i found did not agree with my position.

seems like i was talking about something called “an independant state”.  a country is a different kettle of fish apparently.  a country can be an independant state, or it can be part of an independant state.

what i would like to know is who are the other non-independant state countries?  do they exist, or is it just a british thing?

i know of stacks of independant states made up of very diverse pieces – belgium has a flemish speaking south and a walloon speaking north (or something like that), spain and catalonia, indonesia, phillipines, india – places with huge cultural, racial and lingual diversity … but i don`t know who else wants to be called a country despite not having a un ticket.

ps.  through having a foreigner as its head of state, australia does not qualify as an independent state.  i don`t mind.  how many countries have queens?  i reckon thats pretty cool.


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