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June 13, 2009

good news for the rest of us …

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maybe it was han berger, maybe someone else, but a couple of weeks back, some FFA type made some soundbytes about how we need to develop our own messi`s, kaka`s and cristiano ronaldos …

i beg to differ.  its a team game, and a star will not rescue a bad team.

last i saw, portugal ain`t going to south africa.  we are.  cristiano ronaldo will be watching the games on telly, just like me.  except he`ll watching the game in a jacuzzi, on a yacht, on the french riviera, and there will be supermodels holding the tv up, and some dancing monkeys and clowns … but i digress.  and it isn`t like portugal is cristiano and the 10 muppets.  he has good teammates.  simao, quaresma come to mind.  but they are coming third and don`t look like crashing the party.

argentina, despite having some of the best talent on the planet, are making hard work of their qualification.

france will probably be there, but are making hard work of it, despite having some of the best talent available.  ribery, benzema, nasir, jourcoff – okay, i mispelt the last one, that guy at bourdeax.

and italy won the last world cup because of … a virtuoso performance by one of the world`s great artistes?  no – a hard to break down team, a workman like team.

of course you want to see someone with that dazzling spark, with a bit of magic dust on their shoes in your team.  but, your`e still in the game if you don`t have one.  you could even win the thing …


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