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June 12, 2009

i`m not a fan of the screamer

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checked out some videos on youtube recently “best goals of the a-league”, that kinda thing.

and there would be a couple of nice chips, a volley or two, some nice dribbling work by archie in the box, but most of the goals were screamers – the thumping piledriver from outside the box, the other team looking fairly organised, but in  front of their own penalty box …

the one goal that is always missing is the team goal that perth glory put together last year.  guess different people like different stuff.  and mark bridge`s and alex brosque`s good work is usually missing as well (yes, i know there are many reasons for why this pair are playing for SFC and not Barca, but when they are good, tis very pleasing to me).  or what about carlos putting his front pair through on goal?  always love watching that.

but these goals don`t show up in the best goal collections.  its screamers.  anyway, back to the title line, i am not a fan of the screamer.   there are other parts of the game that i enjoy more.  smart runs.  short passes.  teammates moving well without the ball.  close control.  these are the things i like.  in an aesthetic sense.

being able to hit a screamer is not indicative of footballing ability.  brendan santalab is the a-league`s king of the screamer, but he ends up at NQ?  there are reasons why SFC weren`t worried about him leaving.

if you are taking this kinda shot, which isn`t particularly high percentage football – either you weren`t able to unlock the other team, or, you couldn`t counter quickly enough to give yourself a chance attacking on the break.  watching a team get flustered and shoot from too far, and miss, is just … tiring.

for every screamer hit, there are how many that fly over the cross bar?  what can be a sign of inspiration – a player in the groove, in touch with his / her muse, is usually just someone hoping for something they don`t think they deserve.


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