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June 10, 2009

power imbalances and morality …

Filed under: Life in Japan, Videogames — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 11:55 pm

played through Silent Hill 1, the old PSX game.  and had a blast.  apparently this game has “good” endings and “bad” endings.

on the first play through, we got the “bad” ending.  which i thought was quite fitting.  for such a dark game.

but we are now playing through again on easy in order to get the good finish.  which seems like a good enough idea.  its a short game.

but.  the tone of the game has completely changed.  my character is now packed to the gills with bullet boxes, and health kits.  the enemies are now fewer.  and i can`t help but feel sorry for the enemies that do come around.

cos i am a malevalent godman who will shoot them and then kick them to death for a few extra points.  what were demonic hellhounds baying for my blood the first time round are now stupid mutts that just happen to have no skin.

and i stomp them to death.

i`m the good guy?  no.  i am the aggressor.  i choose to engage in the violence.

say hi to the bad guy.


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