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June 8, 2009

succession – i blame the youngsters …

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most of the team that went to the last WC for OZ are still there. 

and they aren`t getting any younger.  my first impulse was to blame a conservative coach who went with the players he could trust rather than giving youth its chance. 

now i blame the youngsters.  for not kicking arse.  for not taking names.  for not leaving the coach with no choice but to forget about the silverbacks currently in front of them.  player`s development happens mostly through their day jobs.  its club football where you make your case for international football, and how many young aussies are really doing well in their club careers? 

dave carney – your club career choices suck.  ditto to dave williams, adrian leijer.  i could continue. 

carl valeri, luke wilkshire have pushed their way into the squad.  gave the coach no choice.  congrats.  (am including wilkshire cos he was pretty peripheral back in 2006). 

mark viduka has ceded his spot. other players from 2006 haven`t.  they won`t give up their spots till someone takes it from them.  and the youngsters haven`t done that yet. 

they have one club season in which to prove they should move past current incumbents. 

so its a big season coming up for bruce djite, james troisi, mile jedinak, matt spiranovic, dario vidosic and nick carle.  all these guys made a number of club appearances last year, and need to earn more appearances and generally have better club seasons in order to move past those ahead of them.  i don`t think anyone else can do a bolter and break into the first 11.  some guy who has been sitting on a bench all season is probably not gonna turn it on next year.   

ps.  3 players are left in the japanese NT from the group who played at the last WC.  it woulda been 4 i think if tulio tanaka wasn`t injured in 2006. 

pss.  or maybe i am looking at this all backwards.  having players come through shouldn`t be a goal in and of itself?  if they aren`t gonna improve the NT, and your current players are good enough, is there a problem?


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