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June 5, 2009

the points are all that matters …

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australia is playing this weekend – hoping i can catch a stream somewhere.

and this discussion will come up again.

someone will say something like “I`d rather play ugly and get the points then play pretty and lose”.

this socceroo team is not trying to entertain us, they are trying to get to the world cup.

the above debate seems to be about entertainment vs effectiveness.

i think this is a blind alley.

were we being effective when we won in bahrain, where the only thing worse than our general play was their finishing?  or how about against china, where we tried out our new 4 – 6 – 0 formation?  how about the last game against japan?

all those points were won because of our opponent`s deficiencies, not because of us.

don`t get me wrong, there have been bright points.  you can`t top a qualifying group without some bright points.  but several games have seen an ineffective team.  not talking about entertaining or boring.  ineffective.

just maybe, if we play well, we will increase our chances of getting points?

getting dominated by the opposition in general play but grabbing points because of their lack of finishing ability isn`t effective.  its riding your luck.

the last uzbek game seemed pretty effective though …

but seeing as this debate will roll around again, figured i`d put this out there.


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