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June 4, 2009

virtuous circles and cutting down tall poppies …

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another english season has come and gone …

and the predicted top four is the actual top four.  over in spain.  barca and real were duking it out for the title … again.

those crazy germans were having another open, exciting, fan friendly season.  but lets forget about them.  everyone else does.

but any way, back to those crazy english.  check out some english football media, and you will see stuff along the lines of “ho-hum, the gang of four at the top do it again – the premier league is getting quite boring.  wish roy and the rovers were real”.   or something along those lines.

but, yet again, the teams with access to champions league cash, with the best coaches, the best players, the best squads, the best back room support, the highest fan support and the best scouting systems are at the top.  and each successive season sees them getting further and further away from the others.  virtuous circle.

pretty boring heh?  deserved.  but boring.

i blame the teams trailing after them for not breaking into the virtuous cycle.  tottenham spends money like a sailor on shore leave.  and has just as much to show for it afterwards.  the big spender of last off-season.  outspent everyone in europe.  i could talk about the others, the evertons, the aston villas, the man citys … but i probably shouldn`t, cos i really know sod all about them.

reading over at rising sun news – ken matsushita`s excellent blog, i read about the dark side to japan`s fairly open championship races.  i don`t always agree with ken, but i always enjoy seeing his analysis.  japan has a culture that, focuses on the group, rather than the individual.  and much like us, japan likes to cut down its tall poppies.  kashima antlers are doing very well.  again.  one of the powerhouses of the japanese game.  ken claims that the refs are blatantly trying to even up the championship race open.  that the order comes from on high – the JFA.

if this is the case – and i haven`t watched enough antlers games to have an opinion, then here is a bit of a conundrum.  what happens to merit when the playing field has been manipulated like this?

do antlers now have an “us against the world” mentality that makes them stronger because of uneven officiating?  if another team gets the championship after receiving different treatment, are they lesser champions?  if they are really out to get you, does that mean you aren`t paranoid?

there are less evil levelling systems used around the world in different sports.  drafts, revenue sharing …drafts won`t work in soccer i think.  revenue sharing could work …….

but then you get into this deep philosophical debate about keeping things exciting for the greatest number of fans vs rewarding mediocrity.

our a-league salary cap – part safety mechanism, part leveller.  guess its working.  kinda.  but is melbourne vic setting up its own virtuous cycle?  2 doubles in 4 years.  bench players that would start at other clubs – berger, broxham, lopez, ward, tommy p.  they are a f#$king talent magnet.  hey, success is sexy.  that supporter base.



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