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June 26, 2009

congrats to our american friends …

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a very well played nice win by the yanks over the spaniards.

from what i could see of the highlights, it was a solid win against an excellent opponent who is in form.  apart from that shooting thing.

it should be encouraging for australia that a physical, hard working side like the yanks can get a win against cultured opponents like spain.

cos our play is a hell of a lot more like the yanks than it is like the spanish.

ps.  not expecting pim to change much in the lead up.  2 screeners, and a spoiling approach.


here is a new name for the brisbane team in the a-league

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how about the brisbane if.  i figure it makes sense, cos,

IF they can get another solid season out of mr`s moore, miller and tiatto

IF mr`s zullo, nichols, oar, cernak, de vere and kruse continue to develop

IF mr mckay comes back

IF frank farina can figure out how to use all the players at his disposal, some of whom want the same space (henrique and kruse, nichols and miller)

then you have got yourself a hell of  a team.

if not, we`ll be hearing a lot about an empty suncorp stadium and the owner`s shallow pockets.

June 21, 2009

the last time “roar” or “fury” will appear in this blog.

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don`t like them.  not gonna use them.  quasi-neo-marketing speak that the kids and their parents apparently like.

uncountable team names are a scourge.

perhaps there are bigger problems in the world today … but …

poverty in africa and swine flu can wait, these names annoy the sh!t out of me.

even if i can`t push a magic button and erase them, i can take them out of my vocabulary, and i can imagine them out of my life.  when i read or hear one of these offending phrases, i will instead imagine that i heard “brisbane fc” or “NQ fc”.

for some reason i don`t mind perth glory, or melbourne victory.  they get a pass.

derivative, or missing out on the fun?

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that 7 nation army chant that got popular a couple of years ago.  the crowd humming/chanting the guitar riff.

loved it.


don`t think i saw crowds doing it at any a-league games.  has it happened?  i`d love to be in a crowd chanting that at a game.

so i got wondering.  has it been avoided because of a fear that to do it would be labelled as “derivative”?.  on the one hand, if you copy something from overseas, you cop the label derivative.  if you don`t, then aren`t you missing out on the fun?

what if we didn`t drink beer, cos it was invented by someone else?  we wouldn`t even play soccer, cos we didn`t make it.

of course, the phrase “[insert a-league franchise here] till i die” can go jump off a cliff.  i don`t like that at all.

i don`t think that word means what you think it means …

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an smh headline to a craig foster piece had the words “flair” and “tim cahill” in the same sentence …

not for the first time, i think craig foster has used a word that doesn`t mean what he thinks it means.

love the timmy.  TIMMY!  BRILLIANT positional awareness, yes.  athletic, yes.  sense of anticipation, yes.  courage, yes.  ability to deal with pressure, yes.  hell of a lot of yesses to timmy`s game.  but imho, flair is not part of timmy`s game.

if it was, he would have thought of a better goal celebration by now.

June 20, 2009

fifa is bad bad people …

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the people that run fifa is bad people.  we are gonna start seeing articles about our world cup bid.  there are gonna be sound bytes from FIFA VIPs.  they are bad people.  no getting round it.  no disputing it.

i saw an article in the smh a whiles a go with quotes from “fifa heavyweight jack warner”.  jack warner?  of yeah, ” world cup finals ticket scalping, lied to his nation`s player association about profits from participation in 2006 world cup, asked for trinidad and tobago`s payment for a friendly against scotland to be paid as a cheque in his name, trying to install a convicted coup attempt leader as head of the dominican republic FA FIFA heavy weight jack warner”.

bad bad man.

gee, i am a bit tired after all that in depth research and analysis… you`ll just have to go to wikipedia and look up the entry on sepp blatter, and go to the section on corruption allegations your damn self.  don`t even have the strength to tap the keys right now i am afraid …

how dodgy is fifa?  they`d even try to scam the world`s biggest credit card companies.

the sad fact is that fifa makes the people running professional wrestling look like mother teresa.

so, while we hear all about our bid, and the heavyweights running the game, remember.  we all look away, the press won`t tell you about how dodgy these people are, cos, well, they are rich and powerful, and why be negative charley?

but i am here to tell you,


2006 WC – Australia vs Italy: that penalty

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i know that as the world cup next year draws closer, there is gonna be a bit of looking back, reminiscing about the last one.

and the penalty that knocked australia out of the world cup will definitely be chewed over again.

i went back and had a look at it.  and i couldn`t see the dive that everyone was talking at the time.  lucas neill slips over, grosso continues going pretty much the direction he was going before neil fell over and collides with the prone neill. not a dive in my book.  making the most of a defender`s mistake, yes.  an attempt to make the contact look more meaningful than it was?  yes.

says a lot about the national psyche that lucas neill walked away from this incident painted as the victim, rather than as the silly git who couldn`t stay on his feet when he needed to.

try to stay on your feet this time, eh?

we are the wrong country to cry foul.  we invented the underarm delivery in cricket.  can`t get much more cynical than that.

June 18, 2009

scotland is not a country

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above is something i said over some drinks to a scottish friend.  whilst i am a contrary bastard, and well, like being contrary, this was more than just pushing a mate`s buttons (even though that is fun in and of itself).  where is the seat at the UN, or the olympics?  where is the scottish passport?  or army?   if you don`t have all of those cool things, then i figured you are not a country.

but then i checked out the dictionary to see what the hell a country is.  and the definitions i found did not agree with my position.

seems like i was talking about something called “an independant state”.  a country is a different kettle of fish apparently.  a country can be an independant state, or it can be part of an independant state.

what i would like to know is who are the other non-independant state countries?  do they exist, or is it just a british thing?

i know of stacks of independant states made up of very diverse pieces – belgium has a flemish speaking south and a walloon speaking north (or something like that), spain and catalonia, indonesia, phillipines, india – places with huge cultural, racial and lingual diversity … but i don`t know who else wants to be called a country despite not having a un ticket.

ps.  through having a foreigner as its head of state, australia does not qualify as an independent state.  i don`t mind.  how many countries have queens?  i reckon thats pretty cool.

June 15, 2009

gold coast united – miron, miron, miron

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GCU looks good – they have gotten the best available playing talent they could get their hands on, excellent marquee, excellent supporting talent, ryan griffiths as a last minute pickup? 

the only position that isn`t top top notch is … coach.  i like miron.  but SFC has a a euro dude with super euro tickets, and GCU has loveable larrikin ran-out-of brisbane miron? 

all that talent is gonna be managed by a local coach, when the opportunity was there to splash more of their cash, and pick up a better candidate than SFC did? 

it probably won`t matter … with 6 teams in the playoffs, i could probably coach them to playoffs.  so could the next door neighbors – and they don`t speak english.  or know anything about soccer. 

but somehow it feels like buying a new mercedes and fitting it out with the cheapest cd player you could find at super auto …

June 13, 2009

good news for the rest of us …

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maybe it was han berger, maybe someone else, but a couple of weeks back, some FFA type made some soundbytes about how we need to develop our own messi`s, kaka`s and cristiano ronaldos …

i beg to differ.  its a team game, and a star will not rescue a bad team.

last i saw, portugal ain`t going to south africa.  we are.  cristiano ronaldo will be watching the games on telly, just like me.  except he`ll watching the game in a jacuzzi, on a yacht, on the french riviera, and there will be supermodels holding the tv up, and some dancing monkeys and clowns … but i digress.  and it isn`t like portugal is cristiano and the 10 muppets.  he has good teammates.  simao, quaresma come to mind.  but they are coming third and don`t look like crashing the party.

argentina, despite having some of the best talent on the planet, are making hard work of their qualification.

france will probably be there, but are making hard work of it, despite having some of the best talent available.  ribery, benzema, nasir, jourcoff – okay, i mispelt the last one, that guy at bourdeax.

and italy won the last world cup because of … a virtuoso performance by one of the world`s great artistes?  no – a hard to break down team, a workman like team.

of course you want to see someone with that dazzling spark, with a bit of magic dust on their shoes in your team.  but, your`e still in the game if you don`t have one.  you could even win the thing …

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