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May 31, 2009

japan v chile – has okada figured it out?

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midweek japan beat a currentlynumber3andaheadofargentinaanduruguayinsouthamericanqualifying chile.

4 – 0.  and it could have been more. (but on the other hand chile fluffed every half decent chance they had …)

i caught a 20 minute highlight package on youtube, and the following thoughts followed.

okazaki, who had very little time against australia, has a nose for goal.

keisuke honda, playing in holland, oozes confidence, isn`t afraid to pull the trigger, and can hit the ball pretty damn sweetly. another player who (i think) didn`t feature in that game against australia.

giving nakazawa (one of the centrebacks) the run of the park as a libero causes all kinds of trouble for the opposition.  for one of the goals he zipped out to a right wing/inside right ish position and pulled off a turning trap and through ball that a lot of wingers would not have pulled off, let alone a central defender.

on the downside he continues to trust in tamada, a tryer who just doesn`t seem up to it.  imho.

nor does he seem interested in takayuki morimoto – a young striker getting starts in serie A (if we had a young player getting starts in serie A, there is no way they wouldn`t be in the squad …).  granted, he only got 5 goals or so.  but he is starting in serie A!

looking back on that game vs australia in yokohama … the japanese coach didn`t call pim`s bluff.  he kept the two centrebacks glued to timmy cahill.  the team that put 4 past chile is not team that he sent out against us.

for such a goal shy team to come out and get 4 against a quality opponent … it bodes well.  very well.

i don`t think i`ll ever like this coach … but that was impressive.

and next is belgium tonight.


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