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May 29, 2009

ethnic clubs pt 1

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lets talk about the world`s biggest ethnic club.

barcelona.  its motto is “more than just a club” … and the long and short of it is, the club is a nationalistic symbol of the former state of catalonia, which, long ago became part of the republic of spain.

at the recent king`s cup final which was played between barcelona and athletic bilbao, the king was booed before the kickoff.  bilbao is another ethnic club.  try to imagine this in an aussie setting (i know, its a stretch, but give it a try).  i dunno, imagine fans of a greek club vs a serb club booing the national anthem …

barcelona is an amazing place, you have the until-fairly-recently repressed catalans, but you also have the lacking-in-recognition poor blue collar migrants from other parts of spain whose parents, grand parents and great grandparents built the city.  people who speak spanish, and don`t particularly want to speak catalan.  people who believe in spain and support the king.  they must feel pretty excluded at the nou camp, with all the “long live catalonia” “more than a club” stuff going on.

ethnics mate.

they are everywhere.


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