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May 29, 2009

bye fuka

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teaching english is a temporary lifestyle.  unless you own the school, or unless you are a mid-level manager in one of the bigger english schools, the expectation is that you will be moving on.

the cash isn`t bad, but it is lower than the average wage in japan.  and schools generally don`t pay towards your retirement pensi0n / superannuation.  understandable since the expectation is you`ll be gone in a year.

it is also amazing how many students you see pass through a school.  studying english isn`t cheap – 2000 yen per lesson seems about the standard.  kids pay less.  and it must be so easy to lose motivation, studying something you rarely get the chance to use in real life situations.  and for kids, english lessons are just one choice out of dozens of extra-curricular studies / hobbies that can be chosen.

anyways.  one of my best child students just left.  she can read as well as kids 3 years older than her.  easily remembers all the things we study in class.  only uses english vocabulary in class and will think through how to say something that she hasn`t been taught.  has a real desire to communicate.  and a sweet kid to boot.

nobody stays forever.  not teachers.  not students.  i guess the goal is to give a kid a positive experience of language studies.  and of foreigners.

bye fuka.


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