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May 24, 2009

your strengths can be used against you …

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whoops whoops.  i should have wrote “your strengths will be used against you”.

ccm`s last game in the ACL turned into a diving contest …

and whatever you think about diving, it showed ccm`s strengths – size and physicality could be used against them.

there is a natural inclination to cheer for the little guy.  its human.  refs will give the 50 – 50 call to the smaller player.

the chinese took the ref`s natural inclination to give the benefit of the doubt to the smaller player and milked it for all they could.

i think the aussie game will stay physical and combatative.  that`s us.  but, i think through continued exposure to asia, australian clubs will learn to adjust their physicality to how the ref`s whistle a particular game, will become mentally stronger and learn to ignore diving and time wasting and just get on with the game.  the second is especially important.  by losing your focus, and your rag, and yelling at the ref etc etc, your focus is no longer putting the ball into the other team`s net.   totally plays into the opposition`s hands.

and this happy day will be bright and glorious, the impression i get is that a lot of asian opposition is worried about our physicality, and our strength in the air.


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