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May 24, 2009

rats in a cage …

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a long time ago, i saw an article …

someone did some research – one set of rats were put in a cage with a metal floor wired to an electrical circuit.  they were zapped at random intervals.

another set of rats were put in a similar cage, but there was a button in the corner.  push the button and the shock stops.  they were zapped at random intervals, but twice as often.

despite being zapped twice as often, the second group had lower stress markers than the first group.

the point being that a sense of control lowers stress in shitty situations.

my lovely friendly little english school is gonna switch from 3 teachers to 2.  student numbers are down.  apparently there is a bit of a global recession or something at the moment?  this could be the beginning of the end for my lovely 2 year, working-part-time-in-a-beach-town holiday …

but by thinking through what i will do if it all goes to shit, i can create a sense of control and keep the stress levels down.

what am i gonna do?

– find another beach town, or maybe a mountain town

– go teach in thailand or mongolia or something

– get back into the australian or queensland public service

– go fruit picking in oz for a bit

– something i haven`t thought of yet

– go live off my parents for a while

a couple of years ago when i was working in the queensland government, i had 2 job interviews in the first half of the year.  one was for a graduate position with citigroup (talk about dodging a bullet), and the other was with a kindergarten in japan.  i never know what kind of opportunity will come my way.  its an interesting ride, my career.

a while back i had this deep philosophical discussion with one of my students, i asked him who was happier, the pessimist or the optimist.  i think i am a happy pessimist.  try to think of the worst thing that could happen, think about what i would do, then rationalise (or is it realise???) that it isn`t so bad, move on with life.


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