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May 16, 2009

their imports were excellent …

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“their imports are rather excellent … ”

tis a common meme that does the rounds after an aussie side plays an asian side and loses.

couple of weeks back branko culina was saying something along these lines.

just saw an article over at goal today along similar lines.

seen it at 442 …

seen it before, will see it again.

but what exactly does it all mean?

lets go back to CCMs 5-0 loss to kawasaki a coupla weeks ago.  this meme was raised then.  but from what i saw of the highlights, it didn`t make sense …

i saw the opening goal –  made by a jap midfielder, finished by a north korean international (who was born and raised in japan).

i saw the second goal … i forget now, but i think one of the imports finished it off.

the third was one of …

eh, i forgot.  clean forgot.  but i am pretty sure that 3 of the goals were hit by japan developed players.  2 of the goals came from their imports.  and kengo nakamura looked to be shining pretty brightly in midfield that night too.

but the thing was, i was seeing a lot of discussion saying that it was the imports … which i thought was a load of guff.  based on what i saw of the match.  granted, two people can watch the same match and draw vastly different conclusions, but still …

i think something more is going on.  i think reality is being ignored so that psychological needs can be met.

i think that by praising asian teams imports, we can slight / put down  the contribution of their homegrown players.  which is important, cos right now a lot of people in oz are feeling a tad inferior at the moment about our footy versus their footy. imho, the best players in japan are japanese.  endo.  kengo nakamura.  tulio tanaka.  nakazawa.  the squad at kashima.  imports are a piece of the puzzle over here, not the main attraction (again, imho – leandro has got himself 8 goals in 12 games for gamba osaka, not bad at all, yet marquinhos is not in the top ten scorers, but kashima is rumbling along).

which, whilst you can see why an inferiority complex would make you want to put down asia`s home grown players, maybe it won`t get us very far.  instead of seeing laurie mckinna praising their imports, i`d rather see him say “gee, its a pity that my team makes basic marking mistakes.  we`re gonna fix that.”  i dunno, once they tackle that problem, maybe they can try to improve in some other areas.  cos daydreaming about having the cash to land a recoba won`t get us far at all.

i know which one i think is more constructive.


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