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May 16, 2009

in defence of a lack of patriotism …

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voltaire sounded like a cool guy …

i defend your right to disagree with me completely.

fuck it, i`ll google it and see what he actually said.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.  he didn`t say that EXACTLY.  i imagine he was speaking olde french at the time …

(hmmm, would he still say this if you disagreed with his right to defend your right to say something?  can we tolerate all opinions, including intolerance?  hmmm?) ..sorry, how does this connect to football?  right, right.

so every now and then there is a talented aussie footballer who happens to have dual nationality.  much uproar and wringing of hands occurs when when talented footballer tries to play off australia and the other country into playing him, before the other country does.  an opportunistic, shopping around, metrosexual mercenary.

why not? why not be an opportunistic, shopping around, metrosexual mercenary?

are you a bad person if your heart does not burn with pride at being australian?  should you be shot if you pass the flag without saluting it?  should you be jailed and beaten if you do not hug our national emblem animals when you see them?  my answer is no.  we don`t all have the same thinking about what is good football, god, politics, fashion or what constitutes hotness.  why should we all think the same way about nationalism?  why is there a correct way to “feel” about international football that fans and players should adhere to?  no, no, no.  maybe.  yes. no.

but i defend to the death your right to say otherwise … (sorry, i ain`t dying over something as trivial as this)

aren`t a lot of single nationality players just as mercenary?  there must be some guys in the socceroos who see international matches as a shop window. but if they do the job well, does it matter how they feel?

i have a socceroos shirt.  i like to watch australia play against anyone.  but i will start cheering the other side if they personify my idea of good soccer, and australia doesn`t.  i was at the australia vs japan match at yokohama.  in the end i was gutted because japan couldn`t conjure the winning goal.  by the end of the game i had switched sides … i don`t believe in “deserving” to win, but i`d rather cheer an attacking side than a craven one, sorry, i meant “pragmatic”.

and i will probably turn turncoat again in the future.  my first loyalty is to the style of soccer i like, my club and national team are a distant second/third …


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