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May 10, 2009

i wasn`t gonna buy any new games …

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but then valve had to go and give me a proposition i couldn`t refuse.  or at the least, didn`t feel like refusing.

especially since i had that nice “invigorate the economy” cash that the japanese government was handing out (yes, even to us foreign types).

so here is how they spun their trap.

the game – left 4 dead

they offered 24 hours of access to this game a weekend a go.  i figured “why not?” and racked up a couple of hours playing.  and enjoying it.

then they discounted the price by 40%.

then they offered another day of free access to the demo.

and i figured it was time to buy. i was caught hook line sinker.

this game genuinely is a love or hate proposition.  what you are doing each game is quite basic.  there isn`t any differentiation between the players, there isn`t much in the way of maps, nor weapon sets.  team fortress 2 it ain`t. these aspects will drive some people crazy.

but other people will get so much out of this game.  but you can go back again and again and again, as each set of enemies spawns randomly/based on team performance, and no 2 sets of strangers will play together in exactly the same way.  the terrible teams make you appreciate the good teams.  and the game forces teamwork in a way that most multiplayer fps i have seen don`t.


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