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May 10, 2009

asymetrical warfare – nobody likes david.

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read this great great article …

about a 12 year old girls basketball team that ignored unstated, but universally accepted norms of how to play basketball in order to play in a way that gave them the best possible chance of winning. and what happened when they did.

lets go all the way back, to the first recorded example of asymetrical warfare … david and goliath.

big giant goliath was standing there, waiting with his armour and sword.  david runs up and kills him with a slingshot.  i can just imagine what the phillistines thought.

“what?  that`s not really war.  its cheating.  you`re supposed to use swords, and be mighty.  and stuff”.

a lot of the jews would have felt the same way.  been embarressed by the manner that david “won”.

nobody likes david.  by fighting the battle on his terms, david violated the unwritten norms of war, and earned the wrath of “war buffs” everywhere.

makes me think about a couple of seasons ago – barca played against rangers and afterwards messi had a nice long tanti about rangers playing “anti-football”.  recent complaints about chelsea parking the bus against barca (admittedly the same kind of complaints that chelsea also level at lesser opponents who use the same tactic).

makes me think about greece`s euro win.  about italy`s recent world cup win.

makes me think about aussie complaints about diving, time wasting, play acting …

makes me think about other non-aussie specific complaints about parking the bus, about the calculated use of physicality / kicking the crap out of more talented players.

so are the above tactics examples of asymetrical warfare?  where a lesser group ignores the unstated, but institutionalised norms of the sport and plays on its own terms?

if it is, bet they aren`t gonna have many fans.

cos nobody likes david.


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