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May 9, 2009

random thoughts – the second half of san frecce hiroshima vs jef chiba

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many thanks to the lovely people who show j-league games on justin tv.  surprisingly good quality feed too.

san frecce is a lower mid table kinda team (i think).  jef is a lower table team nowadays.  barely survived relegation last year, which  no-one expected them to get out of.

so mr bosnar.  didn`t do anything bad or stupid.  didn`t do anything great.  didn`t look the best centre half on the pitch for mine.  that was the bearded, balded baltic looking guy on the other team.  that guy was a very skilful, organiser type centre back.  i dunno, maybe that cool guy was responsible for the 2 goals his team leaked.  but what i saw in the second half was pretty commanding and skilful.

maki also plays for jef chiba.  he is a peripheral japan squad member.  tall strong hard running … a bit like our matt simon.  i had imagined that jef`s play would channel through him more, i can`t imagine they have other players near the national team level.  but more of their play went through the wide areas.

so i start to watch the game, and it is 2 – 1 to jef, but with 40 minutes to go, you would swear that hiroshima would score.  they were building up steam, jef were tiring.  they were gonna score 2.  lots of intelligent passing, good running off the ball.  they were practically camped in jefs half …

but they didn`t.  jef didn`t panic.  didn`t park the bus – they countered with numbers.  and they didn`t get as tired as i thought they would.  10 minutes to go and hiroshima`s intelligent use of the flighted long ball to the wide man became desperate punts forward, either wide or down the middle.  jef had won the staring contest.

i was rather impressed with the speed of the game, the intelligent use of runs off the ball to spread defences, and the wide player`s ability to receive the flighted pass and control it whilst under pressure.  the one thing lacking in the hiroshima side, imho was someone not only willing to pull the trigger, but wanting to pull the trigger.  several opportunities went begging.


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