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May 9, 2009

delicious movies – [rec] and departures/okurobito

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seems delicious is my new favourite adjective.

here`s what i mean when i say delicious

– you enjoy the initial experience (of whatever it is)

– you have a sense that you have something special

– after the event you find yourself drawn back to that experience, either daydreaming by yourself or talking with others. you know, like a damn good meal.  delicious.

[rec] is delicious.  a spanish movie set in barcelona – ok, that doesn`t matter, everything happens in an apartment block that could be anywhere … but my first holiday to europe was to barcelona … umm, oh yeah, the movie.  a tv crew following a fire department unit hoping to see a typical firefighter`s night get more than they bargained for.  to say more would spoil the fun.  i find myself liking this movie in spite of its use of shaky cam, not because of it.  me and my girlfriend were still talking about this flick 2 days after.  its well made, limited in ambition (that is a compliment by the way) and doesn`t overstay its welcome.  and it happily toys with several movie conventions.  it was so good, i`m gonna get some friends around to see it.  there aren`t too many movies i`ll watch twice.  this is one of them.

departures is delicious.  a japanese movie about a failed cellist who moves home to the countryside and becomes an “encoffiner”.  he has to face his own sensitivities, the disapproval of his wife and friends but finds something special along the way.  a touching, slow paced, happy, not cynical movie.  at the start of the movie you look at this man and wonder if you could do something so morbid.  by the end you are comparing your own job against his, impressed by the meaning in his work.

ps. my work is meaningful.  entertainment and gaining knowledge are important things.  in my world at least.

pss. red cliff was not delicious.


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