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May 8, 2009

a road bike, a mountain bike, or some repairs ???

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dillemas …

so i got into cycling right?  i like to go out riding on a quiet country road, flat or hills doesn`t matter.  and just go.  half a day, a day.  tis good fun.  for me.  not everyone`s cup of tea, but i like it.  a lot.

i been using this aging mountain bike for a fair while.  its done the job, but the gears are going a bit strange, and i wonder about using a mountain bike for long distance road cycling …

so the obvious answer is get a road bike, no?  ummm, yes and no.  road bikes start at 80 000 yen.  thats a lot of cans of beer.  almost 300.  i could get another mountain bike for 40 000 yen.  about 150 cans of beer.  or i could get the repairs i need for about 20 000 yen …

so the differences between road bikes and mountain bikes …

skinny tyres vs fat tyres

a different seating position which is less comfortable but better for generating power




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