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May 4, 2009

my stereo is rather good …

Filed under: Life in Japan — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 11:50 am

but tis rarely used for music listening anymores.

music collection resides on the notebook (which has reasonable, but meager in comparison) speakers on it.

component receiver and tall skinny speakers live downstairs with the projector. sometimes used for videos, usually used for games.

and usually the 2 never meet.  but tis golden week, a 5 day weekend over here in japan.  and my school is closed for the week.  so me and the pc are spending more time downstairs …

and stuff is sounding soooooo nice running through my stereo gear. the sound has direction … so many little flourishes that went unnoticed before can now be appreciated …

if only the next door neighbours were a bit further away.  and the walls weren`t so thin …


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