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May 3, 2009

followers and leaders …

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this will get to football.  eventually.

watching the sopranos.  lots of fun.  if you don`t know, a drama about the mafia.  and tony soprano is the boss of the new jersey mafia.  sometimes – he is a powerful leader.  telling people what to do.  making things happen.  but other times?  he is like a boat in a stormy sea … trying to make the decisions, create the image, that will satisfy those below him.  trying to ride out the storm.  the mafia won`t just accept any leader.  if you come up short, they`ll replace you.  imagine someone riding a tiger … you don`t wanna fall off.

every decision has to take into account whether the common folk.  or common gangsters as the case may be, will accept it.

so now there is a new national curriculum for soccer in australia.  don`t know much about it, but i am curious as to how it will be received by the soccer community …

is it a good document?  how prescriptive is it?  is everyone gonna get on board?  is it bad if they don`t?

new soccer has a very orange tinge.  was soccer “de-ethnicised” or has one bunch of ethnics (the dutch) gotten the jump on the other bunches (greek, italian, serb, croatian etc)?  does it matter?

i dunno, i am just curious bout what people will be saying about this project in a year.


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