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April 30, 2009

an unappreciated gem …

Filed under: Videogames — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 12:24 am

i bought a game a while ago, coupla years ago in fact – viewtiful joe.

i got stuck in the first stage and just gave up on it.  it was just some 2d beat em up, and i hadn`t enjoyed what i had played that much, so it was easy to give up on it.

but recently the girlfriend was playing “okami”, a beautiful fun game from the same company.  and i figured that maybe there was more than meets the eye to viewtiful joe.

and there is.  slowly the color and personality of the game start to charm you … and then it hit me.  its a puzzle game.  what i thought was a 2d beat em up is actually a puzzle game.  your time altering powers are used to change the environment, beat bosses and generally kick arse.  once i used time altering to progress past an obstacle, i was hooked.  the game just charmed me and became hard to put down.


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