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April 29, 2009

“only one side came to play football”

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tis a phrase i saw a lot following the recent barcelona v chelsea tie.

what a loaded statement, there is so much said unsaid in that one little phrase …

sides should play to win

teams should attack

if you are scared of losing, then you are a coward

on the field we are all equal, and should play the game as it was intended and let the chips fall where they may

there is a higher good (the good of the game) that should take precedence over any teams own interests

you could go on and on …

but, i can`t accept these memes.  who gets to decide what is “football”?  nobody owns it.  so nobody can dictate what is good football and what isn`t.

should smaller teams ignore results and use tactics that are “cooler” but leave them open to embarressing scorelines?  no-one was praising sporting lisbon for not parking the bus when they were getting demolished.

tis interesting to see big fish in little ponds become big fish in really big ponds, with even bigger fish.  chelsea is a big fish, but barca are bigger fish.  if chelsea had taken on barcelona with an attacking mindset, they could have been decimated.  they now have a chance to win the tie.   this is a discussion we will see in an aussie context soon enough.

don`t know if we will see another aussie side get smacked 5 – 0 in the acl anytime soon.  nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that.  be interesting to see what exposure to bigger clubs does to the “have a go / go get em” aussie mentality.

but on the other hand, a lot of people didn`t like the defensive game that AU used so effectively last year – at least, they didn`t like it when it was used in the a-league.


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