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April 13, 2009

its all in your head … always

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watching “neon genesis evangelion” – one of the more famous big giant robot animes from japan, i was provoked into deep and groundbreaking new thoughts.

spoilers follow

the first 25 episodes deal with the trials and tribulations of a self-conscious teen who must pilot a giant robot and kill giant aliens.

the last episode sees him in a happy school setting.

and i thought to myself … “hmmm, this last episode, methinks this episode is his fantasy.  tis all in his head”.

then i thought, “but wouldn`t it make more sense if the first 25 episodes were the fantasy?”.

and then the thought struck me … “what the hell does that even mean, all in his head”.  everything you feel and experience is done through the filter of your mind.  you can`t get away from you.  its all in your head.  always.  there is a world out there that we interact with, but there is also one that you build up in your head … same goes for all the people in your life.  you have an image of them in your head.  there is a realistic fantasy world full of imaginary people rambling around in your head.  and this imaginary world sometimes correlates to the real world.  sometimes not.  and you can`t get away from that.

back to the question – what does it mean, if everything, in fact, is in your head?  i think it means not corresponding to the reality that others can perceive (in their minds).  so when the world that you create in your mind does not match the world that others have created in their minds, then we say that “its all in your head”.  thats when youra gettin a bit crazy ….


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